Steel Structure Livestock Shed Building

Steel Structure Livestock Shed Building

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As a farm owner,if you want  a livestock building to breed your chicken,duck,pig,horse or other animals,pls go ahead and consider steel structure building first.Prefabricated steel buildings are economic,durable,fast construction as well as clean. Compared with ordinary building,steel livestock building can help you avoid lots of problems of concrete or wooden building,And in lucky,we can offer you the suitable solution for a variety of poultry houses,such as chicken house,pig house,horse riding arean,horse stall,etc,

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It is essential that animal housing provides a comfortable, clean and dry environment, free from hazards and health risks. Design the livestock building as the climate and enviromental condition,or with advance automatic equipment, if done properly, can lead to healthier, happier and more productive animals.And a  well managed poultry farm house is very profitable, no matter it is broiler or layer house,pig house or cattle shed. Livestock house we joined in all ran well,and the survival rate reaches 98.9%, which has created the highest record of breeding by our customer.

Livestock buildings that we install include:
✔Cattle Shed & Cow Barns

✔Pig House

✔Chicken House

✔Sheep & Goat Sheds

✔Horse riding arena&horse stall


Examples of steel livestock building

Chicken House

Three types of chicken house design:

A: Open side-- It can save the cost of shed, but can not control the temperature very well.

B: Half open side--you can open the curtain, when climate is good. You can close the curtain, when climate is not good.

But this tpye chicken house can not be used in cold area.

C: Enclosed poultry farm design--This design can control temperature well and reduce the harm of climate changing to

chickens. But the cost is higher.

Broiler house

boiler house
poultry equipment

Layer house 

image (3)
Pig House
image (5)
Cattle Shed
image (4)

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