Agricultural Building

  • Prefab Storage Shed With Economic Cost

    Prefab Storage Shed With Economic Cost

    Sheds are buildings for storage,which has a lot of requirements for space separation.Steel structure column occupies less space and occupies less indoor space,thus,prefab storage shed are widely used.  Compared with the traditional reinforced concrete building, the indoor space separation is hindered to some extent. The use of steel structure to build a warehouse is a popular way today.

    • FOB Price: USD 30-50 / ㎡
    • Min.Order: 100 ㎡
    • Place of origin: Qingdao,China
    • Delivery Time: 30-45 days
    • Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
  • Prefab metal shed garage

    Prefab metal shed garage


    Prefab metal garage usuallay used for protecting cars away from rain and snow,or it can be used as farm shed for tools and machine.We are one-stop service contractor for steel structure design, fabrication and construction. Portal frame steel structure building project is our main business such as prefabricated steel warehouse, workshop, sheds, garage, office building.




  • Poultry Farm—-Steel Structure Broiler House

    Poultry Farm—-Steel Structure Broiler House

    Poultry house is a combination of steel structure building and animal husbandry.It is a good choice for poultry farm because of its low cost and light weight.In addition,the poultry equipment is also provided by us, which can greatly shorten the time, ensure that the poultry house can be put into use faster and better breeding quality, to help the owners make profits as soon as possible.

  • Steel Horse Stable Building

    Steel Horse Stable Building

    Compared with wooden or concrete building,steel horse stable building is a  more excellent choice to house your horses.

    They are not susceptible to any long-term problems that plague the wooden barn.The Steel Horse Stable Building can be open front or enclosed. The flexible dimension and customizable design, allows the horse owners to build a stable, which reflects the specific needs of the horse.

  • Agricultural Metal Barn Building

    Agricultural Metal Barn Building

    Metal barn building is one kind of simple steel structure building,are widely used on farms.Based on the features of less cost,simple and fast installation,more and more wooden barns are instead by metal barn,

  • Steel Structure Livestock Shed Building

    Steel Structure Livestock Shed Building

    As a farm owner,if you want  a livestock building to breed your chicken,duck,pig,horse or other animals,pls go ahead and consider steel structure building first.Prefabricated steel buildings are economic,durable,fast construction as well as clean. Compared with ordinary building,steel livestock building can help you avoid lots of problems of concrete or wooden building,And in lucky,we can offer you the suitable solution for a variety of poultry houses,such as chicken house,pig house,horse riding arean,horse stall,etc,