Agricultural Metal Barn Building

Agricultural Metal Barn Building

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Metal barn building is one kind of simple steel structure building,are widely used on farms.Based on the features of less cost,simple and fast installation,more and more wooden barns are instead by metal barn,

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Metal barn building has a variety of purpose,it can be used as storage shed for machine on farm or animal shelters.Metal barns are the most suitable choice for farming and agricultural storage needs,with the charactreristics of  economic, durable, fire resistant, waterproof and can be customized exact to your needs.

metal barn building

In the past,when we talk about agricultural barn building,the first thing come to our mind is the barns are made of wood.But now,many farmers around the country have upgraded their wooden barn with a metal barn instead.The barn in metal has better performance while keep the same traditional look.

Here are some benefits of choosing a metal barn building over a wooden barn:

Less cost.

A metal barn is less expensive than a traditional wooden barn. There are savings to be found both in terms of materials as well as labor cost.Metal barn building is easy and fast construction,the construction period is only 1/3 of wooden barn's.

Nice appearance

Whether you need a traditional or modern look,it is easy to implement.Replicating the traditional wooden barn using galvanized steel,or we can create a more modern look to better suit your needs.


For our farmers out there in the agricultural industry, they can all agree that they have a lot of unique needs when it comes to their structures. One key advantage of steel barns is the ability to easily customize the building to meet your varied needs.

Less Maintenance

Metal is more duarabe than wood,metal barn building need less regular maintenance,which saves money as well as time.

Shorter construction period

Metal barns are easy to install according to the drawing we offer which detailed information is specified.

Specification of metal barn building

 STANDARD FEATURES                                                                                                 ADDITIONAL FEATURES

      Primary and secondary structural                                                                                      Roll-up door 

                Roof Pitch 1:10                                                                                                          Man Door

    0.5mm corrugated Roof and Wall Sheet                                                               Sliding or Casement Aluminum window

            Fasteners and Anchor Bolt                                                                                Glass Wool Insulation materials

                Trim and Flashing                                                                                              Light transparent sheet

            Gutter and downspouts                     

steel frame

The application of metal barn building.

Dairy barns

Hay barns and sheds

Heavy equipment and commodity storage

Horse stables

Riding arenas

Grain storage



What is the wall and roof cladding for the metal  barn building?

We usually use the 0.5mm corrugated color steel sheet for the wall and roof cladding. or sandwich panel with EPS,glass wool,rock wool insulation in middle.

What is the steel grade for the steel frame of metal barn building?

Q235B or Q345B are used in normal,while the surface treatment can be galvanized or painted.

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