Prefab Garage

  • Prefab metal shed garage

    Prefab metal shed garage


    Prefab metal garage usuallay used for protecting cars away from rain and snow,or it can be used as farm shed for tools and machine.We are one-stop service contractor for steel structure design, fabrication and construction. Portal frame steel structure building project is our main business such as prefabricated steel warehouse, workshop, sheds, garage, office building.




  • Agricultural Metal Barn Building

    Agricultural Metal Barn Building

    Metal barn building is one kind of simple steel structure building,are widely used on farms.Based on the features of less cost,simple and fast installation,more and more wooden barns are instead by metal barn,

  • Prefab Steel Carport Shelter Building

    Prefab Steel Carport Shelter Building

    Prefab steel carport kit is one kind of car garage,with the asvantages of less cost,fast and easy construction,large span,to be the most effective solution for protecting sedan to an SUV, truck, boat, tractor, or even RV away from rain and snow.

  • Steel Structure Portable  Garage

    Steel Structure Portable Garage

    Garage is a metal building where packing cars .Steel garage is more and more popular because of the advantages of economic cost,high strengthen and fast construction.As a professional steel structure fabricator,it is surely that we can offer high quality and nice appearance garage