Prefab Car Showroom Steel Building

Prefab Car Showroom Steel Building

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In general,such prefab steel showroom building includes car showroom,office,maintenance &service center.Compared to traditional building methods, this building structures can save you up to 50% of your investment and can customize to your needs. 


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A car is one of the most expensive purchases anyone makes, and today’s car showrooms have an important role in helping customers make that decision.In the past,car showroom building, which made of reinforced concrete, could not relocate and moved at any time. The steel structure car showrooms are a product display space, with products as the mainstay and supplementary appearance. They are light in the material, diverse in color, beautiful in appearance, light and generous, and has a modern style as a whole. It is currently the first choice for exhibition hall construction.

A car showroom can includes display space,office room and maintenance &service center

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Why steel car showroom buildings are more welcomed?

A car showroom should not only display excellent models, but also have a clean, open plan, so that there is no feeling of being trapped. The Steel Structure Car Showroom Buildings are customized according to the needs of customers, such as car showrooms with workshops on the ground and mezzanine.

Building your car showroom with curtain glass looks amaing,and it will also help car dealers save money on their electric bills because it allows warm sunlight to enter the building more easily. In addition, it is very functional, with an open area in front on the ground level for parking and unloading new cars. It also has a large showroom for car display, a car service area, a service workshop, and a ramp to the new car storage platform.

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Details about steel car showroom


All sizes can be customized as require.


Item Materials Remark
Steel Frame 1 H section column and beam Q345 steel, paint or galvanization
2 wind resistant column Q345 steel,paint or galvanization
3 Roof purline Q235B C/Z section galvanized steel
4 Wall purline Q235B C/Z section galvanized steel
Supporting system 1 Tie bar Q235 round steel pipe
2 knee brace angle steel L50*4,Q235
3 roof horizontal bracing φ20,Q235B steel bar, paint or galvanized
4 column vertical bracing φ20,Q235B steel bar, paint or galvanized
5 purline brace Φ12 round bar Q235
6 knee brace angle steel, L50*4,Q235
7 casing pipe φ32*2.0,Q235 steel pipe
8 gable angle steel M24 Q235B
Roof and wallprotecting system 1 Wall and roof panel corrugated steel sheet/sandwich panel
2 self tapping screw  
3 Ridge tile color steel sheet
4 gutter color steel sheet/galvanized steel/stainless steel
5 down pipe  
6 corner trim color steel sheet
Fastener system 1 Anchor bolts Q235 steel
2 Bolts
3 Nuts

steel structure material

3.Factors affecting the price of steel structure 

Raw material prices
Fluctuations in the price of steel have an important impact on the price of steel structure buildings. The increase in steel prices will directly cause the overall price of steel structure buildings to rise.

External load
External loads include wind load, snow load, dead load, and live load. Structural engineers calculate the steel structure based on the external load. If the load is large, the amount of steel used in the structure will increase.

The span of the steel frame
The larger span of the steel frame, the greater the amount of steel used per steel frame. More than 30 meters is considered a large width. If the steel frame has a large span and no center pillar, the amount of steel used will increase.

For steel structure buildings with cranes or mezzanine floors, to ensure the safe operation of cranes, steel columns will be increased, and columns of an equal cross-section will be adopted, which will increase the amount of steel used in the building.

How to control quality when install?

(1) before installation, the construction unit of product certification, design documents and deal with members assembled records for inspection, record the size of the component and the reinspection do not coincide.Deformation of steel structure, defects exceed the allowable deviation, should be handled.

Before the installation, should prepare a detailed measurement and correction of the process, the welding of thick steel plate shall be installed in the welding process test of simulated product structure before, prepare the corresponding construction technology.Wriggle through the earth to assemble good roof should be preset a certain degree.

(2) steel structure hoisting in place, after dealing with components such as design requirements for control point positioning axis, elevation measurement marking, for lifting the butt joint quality inspection before welding.Temporary support wave and steel cable is installed in order to make the security and stability of steel roof in construction process.

(3) the steel structure installation, the construction unit shall submit each common component after lifting the elevation dimension, welding, painting and so on were submitted to supervision of acceptance.

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