Cattle Farm Poultry Building

Cattle Farm Poultry Building

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Location:Papua New Guinea

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This is an integrated farming project, includes guard house, water room, tractor shed, garage, generator room, grain storage, hay loft, cow shed, calves shed, milking parlor, cattle walkway, dairy processing plant, etc, it is a complete system from breeding to production and processing factory.

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The cattle farm adopts steel structure,which has the advantages of light weight, low cost and can be customized.Open building can be considered for these projects,that is ,there is no wall sheet for it,which can ensure good ventilation.Close structure or semi closed structure with wall panel can be selected as well,which can be determined by the environment of the location.

cattle shed

Galvanized surface treatment has a excellent corrosion resistance.What’s more,it’s easy to clean.It’s really a good solution for cattle farms.

Poultry house
cow house