Steel Structure Workshop Building

Steel Structure Workshop Building

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Building area:26134.6㎡

Detailed Description

The buyer,Qingdao Haijia Machinery Co.,Ltd has participated in the drafting and formulation of China textile machinery industry standards, is the president of the loom industry association, China's water jet loom industry leading enterprises.
This project consists of steel structure production workshop and concrete office building and so on.

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customized according to the buyer’s requirements,not only the quantity but also the location.What’s more,it is also feasible to adopt glass curtain or other decorative materials for some part of the wall,which makes the building more fashion.

steel structure
METAL building
steel workshop

The steel frames,such as steel column and beam,purlin,bracing and so on,are in two coats of mid-gray paint has a lower cost.If want to invest as less as possible,this solution is meaningful.If the steel plant is using for producing good in high corrosive,surface treatment in galvanized will be a better choice.

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