Steel Building For Water Plant

Steel Building For Water Plant

Short Description:

Building area:7300㎡

Detailed Description

The Steel Structure Building is mainly used for water plant to make bottled mineral water production and processing,the area is more than 7300 square meters with mezzanine office. The overall layout planning is scientific and reasonable, and the configuration is wonderful. There are supporting lighting, monitoring and fire fighting in the workshop. The office hall is elaborately decorated, mainly including floor tiles, wall tiles, ceramic tiles,ceiling, glass curtain wall, doors and Windows, etc.

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The characteristics

1)Safe and strong
More steel material was used for this kind of steel workshop than light steel structure workshop,so it is stronger and safer,can meet the need of large power because of cranes.

2)Big space
Clear spans up to 80m without internal columns

3)Reliable quality
Components are mainly produces in the factory which should follow strict quality control.

4)Fast construction
All components will be assembled by bolts on site,the time for installation can reduce 30% than traditional concrete buildings.

5)Long life span: can be used more than 50 years