500 sqm Prefabricated Small Workshop In Germany

500 sqm Prefabricated Small Workshop In Germany

Short Description:

Project address:Germany

Construction area: 542sqm

More info:Small workshop with crane,main steel frame is welded steel  H beam and column with two coats of mid-grey paint.Such prefabricated small building is the good solution for industrial factory workshop,warehouse or storage shed.

Detailed Description

1.Construction address:Germany

2.Construction area:542sqm


4.Eave height:7 m

5.Ridge height:8.570m

6.Steel amount:28.54 tons

7.Usage:Workshop with 5 tons crane.

Picture display

Germany steel workshop
500 sqm workshop
steel construction
workshop with crane

The application

Steel structure workshop

Steel structure warehouse

Steel structure shed



Agricultural storage,

Logistic centers,etc  

The Advantages

1) Easy to assemble and disassemble with simple and common tools.
2) Good waterproof performance without extra facilities.
3) Good fireproof performance with rockwool sandwich panel.
4) Good performance of heat-insulation.
5) Safety and stable,could stand firmly over 50 years.
6) Light weight, convenient for shipment and transportation.
7) Beautiful appearance, vicious colors and shapes for outer and inner roof panel and wall panel