News about projects we undertake— the Haibaili 1.50MW Distributed photovoltaic power generation project

Warmly celebrate the Haibaili 1.50MW Distributed photovoltaic power generation project complete the construction.
It is the first one photovoltaic power project we undertake,the project is located in the park of Hai Bai Li Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd,2 Fuchen Road,Pingdu city.
The total installed capacity of the project is 1500kw,and the total power generation in 25 years is 47.02 million kwh.

In recent years, as a renewable and clean energy, photovoltaic power has attracted more and more attention and application. At the same time, the technical level of solar photovoltaic power generation has also been rapidly developed and improved. Solar photovoltaic power generation is rapidly spreading to all provinces, cities and counties. Especially now, distributed photovoltaic power generation is vigorously promoted. More and more owners have installed solar power stations on the roof of their own steel structure plants

steel structure
photovoltaic power steel structure building

With the advantages of steel structure building below,it can bring huge benefits to the buyers:
1.The main steel frame has a long life can be achieve 100 years ,and can be recycled in 100% while most of other materials of building can be recycled as well.
2.It can be constructed in short time,can save labor cost and energy.
3.Based on the character of light weight,it is much more economic than concrete building.
4.Based on the industrial mode of “steel structure+”,the combination of photovoltaic power generation and steel structure is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving,also is the trend of the future scientific and technological development .
As a well-known large steel structure company,Xinguangzheng not only produce high quality steel structure products,but also keep innovating,relying on steel structure, the company has constantly innovated in New products, new technologies, new models and new formats, and has continuously realized the "steel structure whole house system" New breakthroughs.And this is a good example.

solar power steel building
steel building

Post time: Sep-26-2021