Good news!New finished prefab reception center project

The main material of steel structure is steel, which is the most important type of steel structure building at present. Steel structure design is often very flexible. After made, they can always surprise us. Just like the following completed project, which has nice appearance and large space, is becoming more and more popular.

Steel structure frame combine with glass curtain is a good solution for recepetion center,conference center,office building,exhibition hall,showroom,prefab shop and so on.

exhibition hall
prefab conference center
prefab steel building
prefab steel structure

Nowadays, steel structure is widely used in many industries, such as steel structure workshop and steel structure warehouse for industrial factory.

Steel structure are light and easy to transport and install, can save a lot of construction period and cost. What's more,the design of steel structure is very unique and personalized, which is different from traditional architecture and break the tradition and pursuing uniqueness.Steel structure still is an energy-saving and environmental protection product. It does not produce construction waste and harmful gas,can be recyled by 100%. That all the reason why more and more building are done by steel structure.

If you have a damand of steel structure building at this stage,don't hesitate to contact us.

Post time: May-07-2022