Steel Structure Hangar Building In Lightweight

Steel Structure Hangar Building In Lightweight

Short Description:

A steel hangar is a closed building structure to hold aircraft or spacecraft. Now,steel structure buildings are mainstream industrial building ,as a example of them,steel hangar is favored by buyers.

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Product Detail

Steel structure building mainly refers to the main steel frame are composed of steel structure,including steel column,steel beam and steel roof truss,including steel structure workshop,steel structure warehouse,steel structure exhibition hall,steel structure stadium etc.Steel hangar is a closed building structure to hold aircraft or spacecraft,it can also named airplane hangar,aircraft hangar,airplane workshop,aircraft warehouse.As a good example of steel structure building,it is favored by buyers.

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steel hangar building
steel hangar warehouse
steel hangar

The features

1.Steel hangar requires a large span and large space,concrete or wooden structure are difficult to meet or the cost will be high.
2.Steel hangars require extremely high security as airplanes always are at high cost.Steel structure is lightweight ,but with high strength. It has better performance on safety than general structures.
3.Steel hangars has beautiful appearance,various shapes can be realized,especilly the ones in airport.Airport is an important window connecting the city to the outside.Steel structure hangars in unique design can leave a deep impression.
4.80% of steel components can be finished at factory,only need to be connected by bolts on site.It is an easy and fast installation.

The Application

1.Military aircraft hangar
2.Civil aircraft hangar
3.Private hangar
4.Aircraft maintenance warehouse
5.Airport terminal building
6.Aircraft assembly workshop

Product parameters

Main steel frame Column Q235 or Q345,Welded H section steel or steel truss
  Beam Q235 or Q345,Welded H section steel or steel truss
Secondary frame Purlin Q235,C or Z section steel
  Knee brace Q235,L50*4
  Tie rod Q235 ,steel pipe
  Brace Q235,φ20 round bar or angle steel
Maintenance system Roof cladding EPS/fiberglass/rock wool/PU sandwich panel or corrugated steel sheet
  Wall cladding EPS/fiberglass/rock wool/PU sandwich panel,glass curtain, aluminium sheet ,corrugated steel sheet for choice
 Accessories Window Aluminium alloy window
  Door Electric hangar door,sliding door
  Fastener  High strengthen bolt,normal bolt,self tapping screw,etc.
  Rain spout PVC
  Trim 0.5mm corrugated steel sheet
Surface treatment Painted or galvanized
Service life Up to 50 years
Wind resistance grade 12 grades
Certification CE,SGS,ISO

Process Description

1.Design process

The terminal building and steel hangar will be calculated and controlled according to the highest safety level, service time is up to 50 years.After design solution finished,another enginner check it again is damanded,to ensure the best solution in safe and low cost.
Engineering Design Software:
AutoCAD,PKPM,MTS,3D3S,Tarch,Tekla Structures(X steel)V12.0.etc

2.Production process

All components of steel hangar as well as hangar door will be manufactured in factory.Fabrication should strictly according to drawing to ensure the high precision. It can be re-inspected by a third party for processing,such as CE,SGS,ISO and so on.
3.Installation process

Steel components are connected by bolts, with fast speed, high precision and few hidden safety hazards. Labor cost reduce 30% compared with the traditional concrete one.Our own installation team consist of skilled workers and professional techinical enginner will complete the construction on site.

Packaging &Delivery

Packaging details

1.Connecting plate on steel structure willl be packaged with bubble plastic,to protect the paint on them from being knocked off during transportation.

2.Sandwich panels and corrugated steel sheet will be packed with plastic film if need.

3.Bolts will be packed in wooden boxes with detailed list.

4.All goods will be loaded in 40’HQ container,40GP and 20GP container are ok if necessary.And if there are requirements on weight,it needs to be informed before loading.


Qingdao Port or as required.
Delivery time
30-45 days after deposit or L/C received and the drawing is confirmed by buyer.Pls disscuss with us to decide it.

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