High Quality PU Sandwich Panel

High Quality PU Sandwich Panel

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PU sandwich panel, also named polyurethane sandwich panel, polyurethane composite board, and polyurethane energy-saving board.

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Technical Specification

Polyurethane sandwich panel adopts high-quality color coated steel sheet as the surface layer. And the core is made of polyurethane , which is foamed and cured at high temperature, and is formed by double-track controlled molding. It has excellent thermal insulation performance and ideal bending, sound insulation and fire resistance. Compared with other panels, less thickness is need if want to achieve same goal, and the net space of the building is increased.

The features

1.Fireproof performance: Polyurethane is a B2 grade fireproof material with an oxygen index ≥28, which can effectively reduce fire losses.
2.Insulation performance:The thermal conductivity of polyurethane is 0.019-0.023w/m.k, which is an excellent thermal insulation material.
3.Good sound insulation: good sound insulation, effectively reducing the interference of external noise.
4.The hydrophobicity of the polyurethane is ≤ 0.5%, and has good air tightness.
5.Bulk density is about 42kg/m³, high strength, long-lasting stability.

Technical Specification

Name Thermal Conductivity(w/m.k) The thickness required to achieve the same effect
PU 0.019-0.023 40
XPS 0.027-0.031 60
EPS 0.037-0.041 80
Polystyrene particles ≤0.06 160

Roofing cladding panel

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Wall cladding panel

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Cold storage panel

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