Prefabricated Building For Office And Store

Prefabricated Building For Office And Store

Short Description:

Location:Davao, Philippines
Building area:361.6 ㎡
Steel amount:35 tons
Usage:A three-storey steel frame for office building,steel apartment and jewelry stor

Detailed Description

This is a Three-layer steel frame building, size of each layer is 7.6m*14.5m*3.2m.As a multi-function steel building,it can be used as jewelry store,steel structure apartment  as well as steel structure office building.Walls are ALC panel,with glass curtain and aluminium grille to create a more beautiful appearance.

Water and electricity system are done by us as well.It saves a lot of time and energy saves much time and energy for buyers.

Picture display

steel frame
steel apartment (2)
steel officebuilding

The characteristics

1, High bearing capacity and light weight
Steel structure belongs to the lightweight high strength material
2, Steel structure buildings are flexible
steel is the most close to homogeneous isotropic body,it can be cut into small pieces or welded together. Steel structure building can be designed according to the actual needs.and components are fabricated as the detailed drawings,so they are in high precision.
3, Steel structure has the characteristics of no leakage, no matter adopt welding, riveting or bolt connection of steel structure can be sealed and no leakage
4, Factory, construction steel structure manufacture assembly: component is lighter construction is convenient .The site covers an area of small short construction period. Also facilitate the demolition of reinforcement and reconstruction


It is applied to steel office building,steel shopping building,steel warehouse and other functions steel showroom buildings.