Laboratory building In Prefabricated Steel Structure

Laboratory building In Prefabricated Steel Structure

Short Description:

Project Name:Qingdao Institute of Aeronautical technology
Project address:Qingdao, China
Construction period: within 33 days
Usage:Laboratory building

Detailed Description

Qingdao Institute of Aeronautical Technology (QIAT) & Institute of Engineering Thermophysics Chinese Academy of Sciences-Qingdao Research Center, which is the unique test platform and base having the ability of independent R&D and high altitude test on aero-engine components. Qingdao Xinguangzheng undertakes Structural Strength Lab, Trial Rapid-response Center and UAV Assembly Test Lab. All installation work were fifinished within 33 days, including the entry of steel columns on site till the end of space frame erection.

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The application

1.Laboratory building

2.Research center


4.Office building

5.Exhibition hall