Portal Frame Steel Structure Store Building

Portal Frame Steel Structure Store Building

Short Description:

Location:Costa Rica
Building area:5315㎡
Steel structure: Portal steel frame
Completion time:2016

Detailed Description

This is a portal steel frame steel structure shopping mall.The span of steel structure reaches to 50m.Surface treatment of main steel frame is two coats of white paint,purlin and secondary support are galvanized. Roof and wall cladding are corrugated steel sheet and fiberglass insulation.The parts of mezzanine can be used as office.

Picture display


steel supermarket
shopping hall


steel supermarket
steel frame

Steel frame on fabrication

steel frame
welded H steel

On construction

steel column
steel column

The characteristics

1. Better margins can be achieved from the low total cost of building (less machine, fast assembly--labor and time saving, and transport cost saving), especially comparing with traditional method.
2. Good-looking, diversified color options, fashionable and unique.
3. Simple, convenient and fast installation.
4. Low repair and maintenance costs.
5. High-strength, windproof and reliable load-bearing steel structures.
6. Excellent water resistance and drainage.
7. Highly anti-corrosion and dust-proof.
8. Eco-friendly - highly recyclable and s minimal raw material waste.


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