Light Prefab School House

Light Prefab School House

Short Description:

Building area:124 ㎡
Quantity:300 sets

Detailed Description

These houses are school rooms for children in Madagascar.As a kind of modular house,it can be set in anywhere .
The main materials for modular school house listed:
1.Column and beam:  Steel tubes with hot dip galvanization
2. Purlin: C section Steel with hot dip galvanization
3. Roof and Wall System: Fiber glass wool sandwich panel
4. Service: Design, manufacture, installation together with local team

Picture display

Light Prefab School House (1)
Light Prefab School House (3)
Light Prefab School House (2)

The packaged sandwich panel for shipping                                                roof truss beam

steel truss
fiberglass sandwich panel

In order to verify the accuracy of processing and ensure the smooth development of construction on-site,the prefab house was pre-assembled before delivery.

metal frame
steel construction
movable house
steel frame
prefab school house
steel school house

The Fabrication

The main steel structure can be welded steel frame,also can be used shipping container.
Wires can be exposed or hidden.The wires runs trough the wall panel looks nice,but if get an electrical fault ,it’s difficult to solve than the exposed one.

EPS sandwich panel
steel frame
steel house

Construction on Site

Our engineer and workers went to the site for construction.Guiding the workers of the location how to finished the installation perfectly.Then,the local workers will complete the installation of house in other places.

steel house
prefab house
modular house
prefab home