Glass curtain Wall Steel Exhibition Hall

Glass curtain Wall Steel Exhibition Hall

Short Description:

Building area:4587 ㎡(the maximum span is 50 meters)
Steel amount :255 tons.
Eave height:7.65m
Characters: truss structure , gabled frame structure and concrete structure.
Function:there are car display area,office area and repair area.



Detailed Description

A steel structure exhibition hall for car showroom,is the first 4s shop in the center of Uruguay.It includes Automobile Exhibition, Office, Maintenance Center,covers an area of 4587 ㎡ in total.The steel automobile exhibition is truss frame while the maintenance center is portal steel frame.Office is made by steel frame and decorative materials, like drywall, ceiling, ceramic tile.
Facade is decorated with aluminum composite panel, glass curtain walls, marble wall, induction door, glass doors.

Picture display


steel warehouse
steel strucure hall
steel  exhibition hall


car showroom
steel building
steel display room

The parameters

Materials of steel structure exhibition hall
1 Steel structure Welded H section steel or steel truss
2 Purlin C section channel or Z section
3 Roof cladding 100mm thickness EPS sandwich panel
4 Wall cladding 100mm thickness PU sandwich panel and aluminium panel.
5 Tie rod circular steel tube
6 Brace Φ 20 round bar
7 Knee brace L50*4,angle steel
8 Roof gutter color steel sheet
9 Rain spout PVC pipe
10 Door induction door, glass doors
11 Windows aluminum alloy window
12 Connecting high strength bolts