Steel Structure Workshop For The Production Of Alloy Material

Steel Structure Workshop For The Production Of Alloy Material

Short Description:

Project name:Qingdao NPA Industry Co.Ltd
Project address:Qingdao, China
Building area:8700 ㎡

Detailed Description

Located in the north of the middle section of Hengyang Road, the project is set up by Qingdao NPA Industry Co., Ltd. and Beijing CISRI-Gaona Materials & Technology Co., Ltd., an authority enterprise in the fifield of military high-temperature Materials, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan. The project covers an area of 130 mu, mainly producing high-temperature alloy materials and key components of the supercritical electric boiler that is being forced to be implemented all over the world jobs will be created.

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The advantages

1) Anti-seismic: Most shopping building use slope roofing which usually use truss system. The roofing system will be very strong after the truss was sealed with panels and gypsum board. This kind of structure system can against 8-degree earthquake, and has high strength of loading capability.


2) Good Performance for against wind: Light weight, high strength, good integrity, easy to deform, all these advantages make light steel building good performance for against wind.


3) Durability: Light steel shopping building made its life span of the structure more than 50 years.


4) Heat Preservation Performance: Heat preservation: it is used glass wool panel as insulation and effectively avoid the phenomenon of cold bridge of the wall body.


5) Healthiness: Dry construction, minimum waste to the environment, and 100% recyclable of the materials, all these advantages are conform to the consciousness of environmental protection. Whats more, the materials we use are all green materials, which are good for peoples health.


6) Comfort: Light steel wall system adopts highly efficient energy-saving system with respiration function to adjust the humidity of the room; With ventilation function in the roof, ensuring the ventilation and hot scattering of the room, thus make the room more comfortable.


7) Termite resistant: The light steel buildings can completely resist termite invasion, thus extending the life span of the building and decrease the repair cost.


8) Fast Assemble: Dry construction and without the influence of season. A 1000m2 building only need 6 workers for 30 days from the anchor bolt to everything finished.


9) Environmental friendly: Materials are 100% recyclable, and no pollute to the environment.