Prefabricated Steel Warehouse Building For Storage

Prefabricated Steel Warehouse Building For Storage

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The steel structure warehouse building designed by Borton provides customers ideal solutions for storage and cargo management


The prefab steel structure warehouse is custom designed to meet any industrial or commercial storage needs. The warehouse building supports any crane with different lifting capacities. A mezzanine can also be set up as an office on the second floor to meet office needs.


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The prefab steel structure warehouse is custom designed to meet any industrial or commercial storage needs. The warehouse building supports any crane with different lifting capacities. A mezzanine can also be set up as an office on the second floor to meet office needs.

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Steel Warehouse Building VS Ordinary Warehouse Buildings:

The cost of steel structure warehouses is usually lower than that of ordinary buildings. The prefabricated steel structure’s construction process is usually not as easy to delay the construction period of other buildings. All drilling, cutting, and welding are carried out in the factory, and then the parts are transported to the construction site for installation. Since only the parts are assembled on-site, there is almost no other cost increase.

Moreover, the technical requirements for the assembly of this prefabricated steel warehouse are not high. Almost anyone can do it, thus reducing labor costs and saving time.

The steel warehouse building was assembled quickly. The construction of ordinary buildings will take at least a few months. To build a warehouse of the same size, the steel structure warehouse’s construction period is only 1/3 of that of other constructions. In addition to the short construction time, such steel structure buildings are generally cheaper than ordinary buildings.

The components of Steel Warehouse Building:

Steel structure building is a green economy building system, which is formed by the main structure, substructure, roof and wall system, door and window system,accessories,etc.

1. Main structure
The main structure includes steel columns and beams, which are primary load-bearing structures. It is usually processed from steel plate or section steel to bear the entire building itself and external loads. The main structure adopts Q345B steel.
2. Substructure
Made of thin-walled steel, such as purlins, wall girts, and bracing. The secondary structure helps the main structure and transfers the main structure’s load to the foundation to stabilize the entire building.
3. Roof and walls
The roof and wall adopt corrugated color steel sheets and sandwich panels, which overlap each other during the installation process so that the building forms a closed structure.

4.Door and window

For steel structure warehouse and storage shed,windows always are aluminium steel window .In general,sliding door and sandwich panel door are quitely used  for the reason of eaconomic cost.


The accessories including bolt(high-strengthen bolt and ordinary bolt),self-trapping screw,glue and so on,which are used for fixing components.

Bolt connection instead of welding, making the installation on site of steel structure easier and faster.

steel warehouse with mezzanine

The Advantages Of Steel Structure

1.Economic cost

Steel buildings have more affordable prices than ordinary buildings.

※Faster design and build process. The building will be designed and manufactured in advance, this makes the whole process from beginning to end more economical, resulting in ready-made steel structure building components transported directly to the work site.

※Reduced labor costs. Since the warehouse is largely prefabricated, the construction time can be reduced by up to 30% to 50% or more according to the experience level of construction personnel. Time equals money in building the world, so the faster you can build, the less money you spend on labor.

※Reduce maintenance costs.  Because the maintenance cost of steel structure building is low, the building owner saves the general maintenance, repair and replacement work during the service life of the building.


Steel structures can resist many typical threats to wood, such as decay, mildew, pests and fire. Moreover, well-designed steel structures are also more resistant to wind, snow and earthquake activities. 

3、 Clear span

The less structural obstacles you need for a building, the more work area you can save . Steel structure buildings provide the largest clear span of buildings in the market.

The "clear span" design can extend 300 meters or more without the need to install any load-bearing rods or columns inside the building. According to your needs, the span of  the warehouse can achieve  150 to 300 meters. In this way, it is convenient to set up large-scale industrial equipment and machines, as well as the safe movement of vehicles and personnel within the structure.

4、 Flexible design options

Your warehouse can also be designed as a mixed large space warehouse, factory building, traditional office space and even living space.

5、 Environmental protection

 Data show that building owners and customers who buy products and services increasingly need green buildings. Steel structure is a sustainable building product because it uses recycled materials in the production stage and is 100% recyclable at the end of its service life.


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