Prefab Cold Storage Construction Building

Prefab Cold Storage Construction Building

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Prefab cold storage is a kind of cold storage engineering built by steel structure plant and designed in the interior. The construction period of prefab cold storage is short,the column inside  is less, the available area is more, and it is suitable for medium and large cold storage construction and use.

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Cold storage warehouse is a facility where temperatures are low so that perishable products can last longer and you can get your products right throughout the year.Cold storage is used to store fruits, vegetables, processed meat, Dairy Products, Spices, Dry fruits, jaggery, pulses, frozen foods, chemicals, and pharmaceutical products. It is used to slow down degradation and keep fresh as long as possible in cold room, fruit vegetables and meat products.

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Why do we need cold storage warehouse?

Cold storage warehouse construction is necessary for any business that needs a large space for cooling items. A business that requires a large space cannot purchase a refrigeration unit to cover all their needs.

Or ever wondered how we get to have exotic fruits, vegetables, groceries, and ice creams from across the globe all round the year.Steel structure cold storage plays an important role in this.

Types of prefab cold storage

Cold storage with different internal temperatures can be used to store different foods。

Around 0℃ low temperature cold room, mainly used to store fresh vegetable and fruit, commonly-seen medicine, medicine material, eggs, drinking and packaged food.

-2~-8℃ for some kinds of fruit and vegetable, low temp packaging foods etc..

-18~-23℃ for meat, seafood, freshwater aquaculture, ice cream etc..

-20~-30℃ for blood plasma, bio material, vaccine, test agents

-40~-50℃ tuna and other fishes

-30~-80℃ ultra low temperature cold room for storing various deep sea fish, embryo, semen, stem cell, bone marrow, bio samples.

Cold storage function Designed temperature range
°C °F
Fresh keeping 0 ~ + 5 32~+41
Quick freezing/blast freezing cold storage -40~-35 -40~-31
Processing area e.g. processing, corridor, loading, +2~+8 +35.6~+46.2
Pre-cooling room/chilling room 0 +3~+2

Prefab cold storage design

1.When design,it should give full consideration to the problems in use,such as the depth, height,the position of shelf as well as column..

2.The door can be custom designed to meet various customers' requirements,will be decided by the way of entering the cold storage.

3.The height of shelf directly affect the cold storage construction height, to take full account of the cold storage area and the coordination of the whole library.

4. The overall height of cold storage is generally less than 8 meters, if it is too high,the construction cost will increase much.  The load-bearing strength of the cold storage should be fully considered when building  cold storage.


Main materials for prefabricated cold storage

Cold storage building is mainly divided into the following five parts:

1. Embedded parts, (which can stabilize the plant structure)

2. The column is generally made of H-shaped steel or C-shaped steel (usually two C-shaped steel are connected by angle steel)

3. Beams are generally made of C-section steel and H-section steel (the height of the middle area is determined according to the span of the beam)

4. Purlin is usually made of C-section steel and channel steel.

5.About cladding system of cold storage,roof and wall are always polyurethane sandwich panel. Because the heat insulation performance of polyurethane is very good, it can effectively prevent the temperature transmission of cold storage board due to the excessive temperature difference between inside and outside, so as to make the cold storage more energy-saving and improve its utilization efficiency.


The advantages 

Steel cold storage can better meet the requirements of flexible separation of large bays on the cold storage than the traditional brick concrete structure cold storage. By reducing the cross-sectional area of columns and using light wall panels, the area utilization can be improved, and the effective use area in the cold storage can be increased by about 6%.
Secondly, steel cold storage adopts light energy-saving standardized C-section steel, square steel and sandwich panel, which has good thermal insulation performance and seismic resistance
In addition, the steel cold storage also has the advantages of lightweight, fast construction speed, environmental friendly, flexibility and so on

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