Tips Of Installing Steel Structure Building


Steel structure fabrication includes setting out, marking off, cutting, correction and other progress.

Derusting and painting shall be carried out after confirm the quality  is qualified. In generally, 30 ~ 50mm shall be reserved at the installation weld without painting.


The welder must pass the examination and obtain the qualification certificate, and must weld within the examination items and the approved scope.

The welding materials shall match the base metal. The full penetration grade I and II welds shall be inspected for internal defects by ultrasonic flaw detection. When the ultrasonic flaw detection cannot judge the defects, radiographic flaw detection shall be used.

Welding procedure qualification shall be conducted for steel, welding materials, welding methods, etc. first used by the construction unit.



When transporting steel members, vehicles shall be selected according to the length and weight of steel members. The fulcrum of the steel member on the vehicle, the protruding length of both ends and the binding method shall ensure that the member will not deform or damage the coating.


The steel structure shall be installed according to the design, and the installation shall ensure the stability of the structure and prevent permanent deformation. When installing columns, the positioning axis of each column shall be directly led up from the ground control axis. After the columns, beams, roof trusses and other main components of the steel structure are installed in place, they must be corrected and fixed immediately.

Post time: Jun-21-2022