Steel Structure Building Shipped In April

   At present, covid-19 is still repeated, and people have to reduce aggregation to block the possibility of infection. In Borton steel structure company, we have been responding to the epidemic prevention requirements of the local government, taking positive measures, overcoming difficulties and ensuring the smooth progress of steel structure production. In March, we successfully completed many projects' steel structure fabrication and delivered as scheduled, such as  steel warehouse of Austalia,steel workshop building of Mauritius ,steel structure of Brunei,Beijing gas station,steel building of Philippines,etc.

steel building

In the factory,workers devote themselves fabricating.Quality is the life of business.Each progress should be under stric control.

steel structure fabrication
steel fabrication

Compared with traditional buildings, steel structure buildings are easy to manufacture, and the components are mainly processed in the factory,then transported to the site for assembly and construction, which are connected by bolts, and the structure is light, so it requires less personnel and short construction period. In today's special period, it reflects the comparative advantage.

As we all know,the quality of fabrication will quitely affect the service life and safe of building in the further.Advanced equipements are applied to production,so that it is easier to keep the good quality .


Here are the pictures of factory warehouse,where the finished products are packed and ready to be shipped.

Although COVID-19 has caused many irresistible factors,we are still confident to provided customers with the best quality products and the most considerate sevice.

steel beam

Post time: Apr-11-2022