How do we protect the steel structure building?

   In the construction industry, with the increasing popularity of the utilization of steel structure workshop, the manufacturing, transportation and installation technology of steel structure  has been paid more and more attention, and has also been rapidly developed and continuously improved. How to further improve the manufacturing and installation accuracy of steel structure workshop and reduce the cost is a subject in front of the steel structure  industry. 

In order to improve the installation accuracy of steel structure workshop, Qingdao Xinguangzheng Steel Structure has analyzed and summarized some problems and specific control methods that must be paid great attention to in the main links of manufacturing, transportation and installation .

prefab steel structure building

How to enhance the quality during fabrication?

The accuracy of fabrication is the basic and prerequisite to ensure the accuracy of the overall structural size and the smooth installation.Therefore, Xinguangzheng Steel Structure accurately grasp the straightness and distortion of the steel column, the distance from the connecting hole of column as well as beam to the column base plate, the processing accuracy of the connecting hole itself, the straightness of the roof beam and the processing accuracy of the connecting plate of column and beam.The position and size of the tie bar or support connecting plate on the beam column relative to the beam column itself, the position and size of the purlin supporting plate, etc.

structural steel fabrication

At present, columns are processed by H steel or assembled by steel plates. If it is processed by H section steel, the manufacturing accuracy of the column is easy to control; If it is assembled from plates, it is important to pay attention to shaping the steel column after assembly and welding, to ensure the straightness of the steel column and prevent distortion. Most roof beams are herringbone structures, which are often assembled from 2 or 4 beams. Roof beams are generally assembled by steel plates, and the webs of beams are often irregular quadrangles. For this,we have strong technical ability to accurately master the setting out and blanking of webs.In the design of general steel structure factory buildings, there are often certain arch requirements for roof beams. Its purpose is to offset the lower deflection of the beam body due to its own and roof load after overall installation, so as to just reach the installation size. The height of arching is determined by the design. In order to ensure the camber, the overall dimension of the roof beam has to be adjusted. In this regard, the manufacturing difficulty of the beam is much greater than that of the column. During the on-site inspection, we always focusing on the overall dimension of the beam and the connecting plate at the beam end. The purpose is to ensure the overall effect after installation and the tightness between the beam and the column.

We have found that there is a wedge-shaped gap between the beam and the column after installation. At this time, the hexagon bolt has lost the most important role proposed in the original design and only plays the role of support, and there is no friction between the beam and the column at all. In order to eliminate this hidden danger, we added shear keys on each column close to the lower side of the beam connecting plate to improve the support capacity of the roof system. Practice has proved that the effect is very good. In the actual construction, due to many factors, the beam and column can not be closely combined. Some seem to be combined, but in fact, they can not meet the requirements, resulting in the relative weakening of the friction between the joint surfaces. In view of this, we hope that when designing the steel structure plant, it is suggested to add shear keys on the column panel close to the lower edge of the beam connecting plate to ensure the support capacity of the column to the roof. Although the shear bond is small, it plays a great role.

steel building
steel building

How to avoid the damage during transportation?

In order to avoid the deformation of columns, beams, tie rods and other connectors during transportation,more support points should be added within the whole length when binding components, pad the components with wood as much as possible, and bind the periphery firmly, so as to minimize the deformation of components due to vibration or heavy pressure during transportation; During loading and unloading,if the component is too long, shoulder pole can be used and lifting points can be increased appropriately; When the components are stacked on the installation site, the number of stacking layers shall be reduced as far as possible, generally no more than 3 layers, and the supporting points shall be appropriately increased to prevent the compression and deformation of the components. Never relax the control of transportation, lifting, unloading, stacking and other links, otherwise, even if the components of the steel structure plant are made more accurately, there will be problems in transportation and other links, resulting in big trouble in the installation of the steel structure plant.

Post time: Apr-18-2022