Modern Prefabricated Steel Warehouse

Modern Prefabricated Steel Warehouse

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A steel warehouse is an ideal solution for  storage and management needs. Compared with traditional concrete warehouse or wooden warehouse,steel warehouse building has many outstanding advantages ,which are favored by more and more people.

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A steel warehouse is an ideal solution for your storage and management needs,a mezzanine can also be set up as an office on the second floor to meet office needs.It is usually composed of steel beam, steel column, steel purline,bracing,cladding. Each part connected by welds, bolts, or rivets.

But why even choose prefabricated steel structure warehousing as an option?

Steel warehouse vs traditional concrete warehouse

The major function of warehouse is to store goods, so ample space is the most important feature.The steel structure warehouse has a large span and a larger utilization area,which combines this feature.In recent years, more and more steel structure warehouse buildings are coming up, an indication that many entrepreneurs are abandoning the concrete structure construction model that has been used for many years.

Compared with traditional concrete warehouses,steel structure warehouses can save construction time and labor cost. The construction of the steel structure warehouse is rapid, and the response to sudden needs are apparent, which can meet the sudden storage needs of the enterprise.The cost of building a steel structure warehouse is 20% to 30% lower than a typical warehouse construction cost, and it is more secure and stable.

Steel structure warehouse has lightweight,And roof and wall are corrugated steel sheet or sandwich panel,which are much lighter than those in brick-concrete walls and terracotta roofs, which can effectively reduce the overall weight of the steel structure warehouse without compromising its structural stability. At the same time, it can also reduce the transportation cost of components formed by off-site migration.

steel warehouse

Steel warehouse vs wooden construction?

High strength and durability
wood has a problem with durability against different elements, such as climatic events and pests. Termites and other insects can cause serious damage to wood . Wood also absorbs moisture, which can dry out and warp the wood when it finally dries.
Prefabricated steel structures are designed and constructed to withstand earthquakes, hurricanes, heavy snow, strong winds, floods and other natural factors, as well as termites and other annoying insects.

Short construction period
If a wooden warehouse, raw lumber will be sent to the construction site which will need workers to cut and fabricate on site.The prefabricated steel warehouse are fanricated in the factory and steel components are transported to the construciton site. We use 3D software to design and develop structures before construction. Identify and resolve potential and obstacles.

Metal buildings can be built in weeks or months, depending on the size of the structure and the weather conditions at the work site.

Cuztomize the design
Wood warehouse have a traditional-looking aesthetic that people are drawn to.
here is a high level of upkeep required since, without consistent maintenance, paint, and other aesthetic elements can deteriorate or peel quickly.
Steel warehouse can be customized as well as wooden warehouse to please owners' preferences.

Lifetime Maintenance
For wooden warehouse,a new coat of paint is necessary every four to seven year to maintain the ideal appearance.The roof will also need to be replaced every 15 years.
As mentioned before, wood can warp, rot, crack, and more, which will require expensive replacements when damage occurs.
The service life of steel warehouse is up to 40-50 yearsl, and it need few maintence because steel does not split, rot, or warp like wood.


Steel warehouse design

Excellent load-bearing design

 Load-bearing capacity should be considered when design,to ensure the steel warehouse can  withstand rainwater, snow pressure, construction load, and maintenance load.What more,must meet the requirements of functional bearing capacity, material strength, thickness and force transmission mode, bearing capacity, cross-section characteristics of the version, etc.

The load-bearing problems of the steel structure warehouse design need to be well-considered to reduce the warehouse’s damage capacity,to achieve a  longer  service life. 

Energy efficiency design 

If traditional concrete warehouse or wooden warehouse,light should be turned on all day and night,which will undoubtedly an increase in energy consumption. but for steel warehouse,there will be the need to design and arrange lighting panels at specific locations on the metal roof or installing lighting glass, using natural light where possible, and doing waterproof work at the same time to maximize the service life.

steel warehouse building

Steel warehouse parameters


 Column and beam  H section steel
Surface treatment Painted or galvanized
Purlin C/Z section steel
Wall & roof materila 50/75/100/150mm EPS/PU/rockwool/fiberglass sandwich panel
Connect Bolt connect
Window PVC or aluminum alloy
Door electrical shutter door/sandwich panel door
Certification ISO,CE,BV,SGS

Material show



We will provide  customers with installation drawings and videos. If necessary, we can also send engineers to guide the installation. And, ready to answer related questions for customers at any time.

In the past time,our construction team have been to many countries and region to accomplish the installation of warehouse ,steel workshop,industrial plant,showroom,office building and so on.The rich experience will help customers save much money and time.


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