Industrial prefab steel structure workshop

Industrial prefab steel structure workshop

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Prefab workshop is an efficient solution for an industrial facility. Every industrial factory requires a unique building for production,and our steel workshop are designed according to use and your ideas,that means  you can implement all of the custom components that your operation requires.




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steel structure workshop

Prefab steel workshop is the building formed by main structure which mainly consist of steel column,steel beamand purlin,thus the steel structure accounts for the major load-bearing member of steel workshop building.Roof and wall of steel workshop utilize various styles of panels that will overlap when assembled together, leaving no openings,so that it has better waterproof performance.At the same time,as a result, the steel frame structure workshop can be isolated against outdoor environments. Due to reasonable cost and short construction period, steel structure has been applied in a wide range of industrial building construction.

Product parameters

Name Prefab metal shed garage
Structure Type Portal frame, single ridge, two slopes, two spans
Length 30m-150 m
Width 9m-36m
Eave Height 4.5m-12m
Roof Slope 10%
Gable Wall Column Spacing 7.5m
Roof steel cladding sheet, sandwich panel
Wall steel cladding sheet, sandwich panel
Door Sliding door
Window Ribbon Skylight
Height difference between indoor and outdoor 300mm

What Are The Types Of Steel Structure Workshop?

Prefab steel workshop can be single-story or multi-story ,single-span or multi-span,as well as light steel structure for general fanctory and heavy structure for heavy

industrial factory.

single span steel workshop

   Single-story steel structure workshop

       Multi-Story Steel Structure Workshop

    Single-span steel structure workshop

steel workshop

     Multi-span steel structure workshop

     Light steel structure workshop

      Heavy steel strucutre workshop

Why Choose Steel Structure Workshop?

Quick and flexible assembly. All the components will be prefabricated in the factory before transported to the construction site. The installation process is quick and easy.

 Cost- effective. It will significantly shorten the construction period of your buildings, saving a great deal of time and money.

Reliability and durability. The steel structure has light weight but high strength, which is also easy to maintain. It can be utilized for over 50 years.

 Excellent safety. The prefab steel workshop can be isolated against outdoor environments as well as avoid any leak like water seepage. It also has excellent fire resistance and corrosion resistance

 High utilization. It is easy to move and relocate steel structure, which can also be recycled without pollution.

Solid construction. The steel structure fabrication workshop is capable of withstanding the attack of strong winds and heavy snow. It also has excellent seismic performance.

Main Material Show

1.Main structure

main structural Steel

2.Roof and wall panels

Based on the local climate and your own ideas,roof and wall panel can be color steel sheet as well as sandwich panel.If coloe steel,the cost will be lower than sanwich panel,but without good insulation perference.

sandwich panel

3.Window and door 

window and door



Packing and transport

All the structure components, panels,bolts and sort of accessories will bewell packed with standard package suitable ocean transportation and loaded into 40’HQ.

All the products are loaded at the loading site of our factory using crane and forklift by our skilled workers,who will prevent the goods to be damaged.


Similar buildings we undertook

Till now,our products have been exported to more than 90 countries and regions,thousands of finished buildings at home and abroad,such as steel warehouse,prefab workshop,prefab shop,showroom,shoppping mall,etc.

steel construction building

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