Deck Floor For Steel Structure Building With Mezzanine

Deck Floor For Steel Structure Building With Mezzanine

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The deck floor is one kind of corrugated steel sheet which bears the concrete,it is widely used in steel structure building,especially the ones with mezzanine.

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About Deck Floor

1、In general,deck floor provides a construction platform which is for the convenience of construction. Some people may mistake that it is used for load-bearing.In fact,it just supports the concrete in a short time.After the concrete dries, this function basically disappears.
2. The floor deck has good anti-seismic performance. It is connected to the steel beams and has a certain degree of toughness. For example, in the case of an earthquake, it is impossible for the floor deck to shatter like concrete. It is still a whole, which protects people from disaster.
3. The floor deck can be fixed quickly. It takes a short time to fix by special nail welding machine. Compared with the traditional wooden board, it is much easier.If it is a high-rise building, multiple floors can be installed at the same time and poured with concrete toghther ,which saves a lot of time, manpower and financial .
4.Deck floor has good waterproof and is made of galvanized steel and will not be soaked or burned.What’s more,it can block the spread of fire in a short time.
5. Saving the amount of concrete. Decks floors are generally V-shaped, U-shaped, and trapezoidal. The raised part of the concrete is much less. Unlike a flat plate, the deck floor can generally save 30% concrete.

Technical parameters



Effective cover width(mm)  Coil width(mm)  Thickness(mm) Section of inertia(cm4/m) Section resistance moment(cm4/m)
 688  1000   0.8 119.50 28.54
    1.0 148.20 35.68
      1.2 180.10 42.83

Packaging &Delivery

Packaging Details:
They will be packaged by customized steel pallet;
Or as required
Normally is 40’HQ container.If you have specifical requirements,40GP and 20GP container are ok.
Qingdao port,China.
Or other ports as required.
Delivery time:
30-45 days after deposit or L/C received.Pls disscuss with us to decide it.

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