Prefab Sport Hall And Gymnasiums

Prefab Sport Hall And Gymnasiums

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Prefab Sport Hall And Gymnasiums is a steel construction for competition and exercise,including basketball court ,badminton court,volleyball court ,Indoor football field ,swimming pool,arena ,etc.

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When it comes to prefab sport hall,we may regard it as an excellent community resource,offering access indoor sports game and exercise.

They can also be an excellent investment for schools. Not only do they provide facilities to improve teaching, but also an extra revenue stream if they are made available to the local community.

A sports hall can be used with maximum comfort all-year-round. We offer prefabricated sport halls with sandwich panel cladding materials and other facility,such as air conditioner ,to ensure the hall keep in a comfortable environment. prefab sport Halls are very economical and have distinct advantages over classic  halls,the large space is the most obvious one.


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The types of prefab sport hall

The sport hall can be different styles as request.The structure can be simple portal structure as well as truss frame,which all provide large span and more space.

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Why choose prefab sport hall rather than traditional hall?

Maybe you suppose the prefabricated sport hall will be a relatively complex project,and it may need more budgetary costs. In fact,after comprehensive consideration, such as materials, labor cost and future maintenance costs,it is one of the most economical building.

The structure prefab sport hall is light but rigid, but cover a long span area, so it is very suitable to use as a stadium structure. The roof is usually closed while the cladding of steel space frame is simple and light. Usually the material is sandwich panel or Al-Mg-Mn sheet. The space frame is treated with special finish of anti-corrosion and fireproof, it is almost not necessary to maintain in use life, which is very cost-efficient.

A prefab sport hall can easily use for various sports events. mainly for tennis, football/soccer, volleyball, basketball, handball, badminton and for other multi-purpose use including horseback riding. Additional modules can be added for communal areas, washrooms, grandstand seating and entranceways.

We offer standard sized halls but can also custom design any size you need.Compared with traditional buildings, steel buildings are more convenient and flexible. Our steel buildings allow you to host many sports events in one space.

Prefab sport hall details


All prefab sport halls are customized,after received the ideal sizes from you,we will talk more further details and prepare to begin the design.Or if you don't have a idea about the size you need,we will recommend to you.

2.Design parameter

For  steel buildings,design parameters such as dead load,wind load,snow load,and the earthquake are important,they can directly affect the safety of the building in the further as well as the cost.So,make sure the design parameters are reliable is necessary.

3.Steel components details

Steel structure

Primary frame element such as steel columns, steel beams and other members are made by hot-galvanized hot-rolled H section steels and welded section steel, which will be bolted together at site. A factory galvanization surface treatment is applied to get better anti-rusting and anticorrosion effect of primary framing elements.

Secondary Framing- Galvanized purlin, tie bar, roof and wall support, are formed as secondary framing.

Bracing- Round steel is supplied with knee bracing and other supporting parts that need portal framing, which will improve the stability and durability of the whole structural building.


Roof and Wall are covering of color-coated corrugated steel sheet, hot dipped with zinc and aluminum compound, which is fixed to the outside of structural building to protect it against bad weather or to have a good appearance.

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